Sustainable Holiday

During the holiday season, household waste increases by up to 25%.

This past holiday season, Hunter Sustainability Project encouraged Hunter students to rethink conventional holiday consumption and waste habits. We hosted a series of mini-workshops to provide creative, eco-friendly alternatives for gift wrapping, decorating and gift-giving. Our students learned how to wrap gifts in fabric, craft their own up-cycled ornaments, and even recycling their old Christmas lights! Keep Calm and Celebrate Sustainably, Hunter!

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         Shop Green 

Many of the materials commonly used in clothing, such as nylon, polyester, and even cotton, produce a negative environmental impact. We encouraged our students about the environmental benefits of shopping second-hand at thrift stores and clothing resale shops. Who says you can’t be sustainable and fashionable, too?

HSP also sold printed T-shirts (bought at the Salvation Army) bearing our most popular logos from Love It Again! Shirts come in various sizes, men’s and women’s shirts available. A great gift and stocking stuffer!

For more information about sustainable and non-sustainable fabrics, visit:

Wrap Green  

Sheet Music Gift Wrap_Holiday_HSP

Perfect way to wrap a gift for a music-lover!
(And everyone loves music!)

Get ready to get down and DIY! HSP introduced wrapping paper alternatives made of common household items, or reusable materials that can be reused for several holiday seasons, for example: decorating a canvas-tote gift bag (instead of a paper gift bag), craft gift bows and rosettes, and wrapping presents with reused fabrics!

HSP’s Holiday Recycling Guide, and our other information pamphlets are great resources to learn more about sustainable gift ideas, a holiday travel guide, and more!

Decorate Green


Who wouldn’t want to go home with one of these little guys?

The DIY fun continues with tree-ornament making! Rather than buying glass or plastic ornaments, craft your own with reused household materials! Customize your tree with these sustainable ornaments.

Soda Can Angels_Holiday_HSP

Also, did you know that electronic-waste contains harmful chemicals, and needs to be recycled with special take-back programs? HSP collected old Christmas lights that we recycled for the students.