Club Leaders 2015-2016



Julia Jong – President

Julia is a senior at Hunter College double majoring in Sustainability Studies and Studio Art. A project leader of HSP since 2013, Julia helped establish the Love It Again! events that educate and engage the Hunter community in textile recycling through clothing exchanges and t-shirt revamping. She has also directed several recycled art projects in the club, and integrates reuse into her independent art-making. She holds an active interest in exploring how to channel her artistic skills towards engaging communities in environmental education and sustainable living.

In her spare time, Julia enjoys crocheting fat animals and admiring chubby babies. She is a certified napper, an amateur jazz singer and aspiring foodie.

Mike's Picture

Mike Tejada – Vice President

Mike is currently a sophomore planning to pursue a career in physics with a focus on astronomy. He has been a part of HSP for over a year, avidly attending meetings and participating in club events. He interned at the Lower East Side electronic waste recycling warehouse, where he refurbished old electronics and aided in the disposal of electronic waste in the city.  Mike plans to help spread the message of the club to the Hunter Community and broaden its influence and visibility. 

In his off time Mike is a cape crusading NYC wander-luster who walks around aimlessly, re-tweeting Jaden Smith tweets, while playing the saxophone.  Mike is also an established procrastinator, and initiated member of the Eat Sleep Netflix cult.

flagship picture

Lena Suponya – Treasurer

Lena Suponya is a Macaulay Honors student completing her third year at Hunter College. She has been a member of HSP since she was a freshman and became Vice-President in her sophomore year. She has organized multiple events, including Hunter Goes Green and an Eco Lifestyle event at the college’s dorms. She is part of multiple side projects including establishing a CSA at Hunter and collecting compost at the school’s Thanksgiving dinner. Through her internship at the Lower East Side Ecology Center and organizing events and presentations, she has become very knowledgeable and active in the environmental movement. Apart from her passion for the environment and majoring in Environmental Science, she is part of the Chinese Flagship program at Hunter, which is an accelerated Chinese learning program. Through these two majors, she hopes to work in public service not only for the United States, but China as well.
Slowly, her new found obsession with dumplings is taking over her love for Veggie burgers, replacing her classic American diet with one that has an oriental flare.

Elizabeth Roginkin – Secretary


Elizabeth is a sophomore at Hunter College majoring in environmental studies and pursuing a public policy certificate with a concentration in health policy. She has been involved with HSP since her freshman year, and is passionate about sustainability, environmental conservation, and the intersection of environmental and public health. Recently, Elizabeth participated in a coastal research program where she studied biodiversity and coastal pollution, and in the past has volunteered with an animal rescue group.

In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys hiking, photography, and writing. She is also the proud owner of a tiny kumquat tree.



Silvia Cohn

Silvia Cohn is pursuing a major in environmental studies and a minor in public policy. In addition to her studies, she has volunteered and interned in the field. In the future she hopes to shape environmental policy in both direct and indirect ways. She manages to apply her creativity towards every task and it has proven to be a marketable skill. She used this skill in her role as art project leader for HSP as she worked on the Reused Art Project this year. It can be seen on display in the library in the Fall of 2015.

In her spare time, Silvia enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, cooking for her friends, and taking pictures of uniquely patterned pigeons.