The Green Initiative Fund


The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) at Hunter College is an environmental project fund which supports student-initiated projects that will make Hunter a greener campus. TGIF at Hunter was established in 2010 by Hunter Solar Project and a coalition of student organizations, based on a successful model of environmental project funds at schools across the country. The fund is drawn from 2% of student activity fees — $2.00 for full-time students, and $0.80 for part-time students — for a yearly allocation of approximately $43,000 dedicated to advancing sustainability on campus.

A Grant Making Committee with a student majority, reviews proposals and awards grants to projects that promise to reduce Hunter’s negative environmental impact, create environmental education opportunities, and empower students to implement solutions to environmental issues.

Hunter Sustainability Project has conducted numerous environmental projects through generous funding from The Green Initiative Fund. Our past projects include the construction of a sustainability lab, the installation of automatic hand dryers in school bathrooms, and our annual Earth Week event, Hunter Goes Green. We are currently working on a Terracycle Campaign that will encourage the recycling of traditionally non-recyclable items (e.g. chip bags, used pens, etc.) and promote better recycling practices, to reduce Hunter’s waste stream.

How to Apply For a TGIF Grant: TGIF grants proposals are accepted in the spring semester, but students are encouraged to start working on grants as early as possible. TGIF holds several grant writing workshops each semester, and is willing to work with students to develop feasible project proposals. HSP serves as an additional resource for students interested in conducting their own environmental project. For upcoming workshop dates, visit the TGIF website.

Additional Links: TGIF Application 2015-2016 Cycle | The Green Initiative Fund Criteria

If you have questions about your project idea, please email