Hand Dryers


The goal of this project, conducted in 2013, was to reduce Hunter’s paper towel usage through the installation of automatic hand dryers in the school’s frequently used restrooms. The project also sought to raise awareness among the Hunter community of the amount of paper towel waste generated in the school, and allow students to actively participate in reducing Hunter’s waste stream.

Paper towels are not a sustainable material due to the environmental damage that comes from its production and distribution process, including deforestation, pollution, and water, energy and fuel consumption. Paper towels also cannot be recycled and thus contribute to growing landfills. Electronic hand dryers are a more sustainable option since they require less resources and energy to produce, and can be used much longer between many people.

Dryer Locations:  HW 3rd Floor Restrooms | HN 10th Floor Women’s Restroom | HN 11th Floor Restrooms